We are all born broken…

How else is it that we might spend our lives seeking a comfort, consolation and closure that always seems to dwell just out of reach, just beyond our grasp and ever-beckoning as a tantalisingly seductive certainty of reflexive self-definition or unambiguous security and psychological or existential safe harbour in the open arms and tender touch or gentle care of a lover or the warming peace of certainty that comes with a beautiful idea.

In the end, we are all ideas to each other and in our shared compassion we live as much in each other’s minds as in our own.

The one and only unifying fact of hollow sorrow in all of this is that ideas can never love us back and in this way we find ourselves quite positively and intractably abandoned – by our loves, our hopes, our ideas and by our own selves.

There is no panacea.

One reply on “We are all born broken…”

The Ancient Greeks had a word and a theory for this brokenness – they thought that we are all searching for our other half as we have been separated. That we used to be a circular being with 4 legs and arms and two heads and that when we are born we are separated. We then spend the rest of our lives searching, impossible for the lost piece of ourselves. I forget the name of the thing –

From Plato’s symposium and the original concept of love.

Hope all is well over there – love xxx


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