Cyclical Cosmos

Round and round and round it goes…

Context: Big Bounce Simulations Challenge the Big Bang

It makes you wonder how the laws of physics themselves commute the bottleneck from one Universe to another unless they are themselves semi-Platonic forms of logical necessity. Perhaps there is a reductive inevitability in the laws of physics as being the minimally complex form (i.e. as per algorithmic information compression) of and as the structural, logical symmetries or principles by and through which these cosmological systems optimally self-propagate. Not anthropocentric so much as logico-centric.

I would have thought the introduction of a plausibly infinite sequence of recurring cycles would be about as rationally unsettling as is the creatio ex nihilo from quantum fluctuations an energy-borrowing and spontaneous Global system hyper-inflation.

We rarely seem to extinguish the mystery here, we merely displace it elsewhere. It makes me curious as to whether indefinable properties are in fact irreducible and as a matter of the indefinitely extensible essence of logical systems as much as of physics.

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