On ending an endless war…

War is at least partially a function of the fact that in seeking to maintain sustainable continuity, all dynamical systems must effectively and persistently offset the inevitability of their own internal dissonance and thermodynamic or organisational entropy to an environment composed of other systems that are engaged in precisely the same exercise of existential self-interest.

The intricately interdependent historical, social and economic feedback loops that have evolved around these competitive systems tend towards a median bias and symmetry or cyclical cadence of compression and catastrophic (kinetic) decompression.

In fact, we have all come to believe that such a cycle or gestalt autocatalysis of periodic internecine adversarialism is so intrinsic to our words, our worlds and our psychological or cultural selves that we have hardly even noticed that a bias towards conflict has now become a distributed, self-propagating information system.

It is those that aspire to authoritarian regime-building that themselves have become living parodies and hoaxes of a shared dysfunctional, human past in that they never once noticed or realised that as the world itself accelerated in a technological metamorphosis that derived in part from conflict, war itself was superseded.

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