Peace is an Unprovable Theorem of Logic

The conspicuous absence of Global Unity and Peace is a function of the subtle logical fact that a whole system can only ever manifest as an inverse, recursive absence within itself and this, like Love and any other enigmatic mystery of human experience you care to mention, is an unprovable theorem of logic.

Selfish Blind-Spot

What to say when the central factor obscuring self-knowledge and all aspirations towards peace, unity, equitable prosperity and a long-term, sustainable global civilisation is standing right there in plain sight? The psychological blind-spot in our collective vision is our Self.

Fire Fighting: Extinguishing Self

This world of inflated, tangled emptiness is the world we have together made and together we will watch as it actively disassembles itself. The mysterious and unknowable vacuum beyond knowledge is essentially the same logical entity as is the foundational void within it. Epistemological certainty and self-identity or self-knowledge are limited by the same essential…

Continuity of Civilisation

What we more often fail to observe or acknowledge about the generally messy and entropic state of international relations and an apparent inevitability of internecine conflict is that, as a whole, human civilisation is autonomously calculating and computing the optimal means and methods for self-propagation and systemic continuity.  Homeostasis is not engendered through aspiration towards…

Levelling-Up in the Civilisation Game

It is a little hard not to feel somewhat dispossessed and saddened by the arc of catastrophe that human history traces in time. There is some essential adversarial turn in psychology and nature that provides and requires the entropy from which new forms of thought and life are able to emerge. We come to depend…

Hong Kong: Umbrellas on the Go Game

The international society of nations, such as it is, is not very often seeking clever solutions to the problems that it itself is generating, across all countries and conflicts. Each instance of dissonance is a microcosm of a global property of discontinuity, a distributed planetary discord that is oblivious to nation or ideology and that we all are dealing with, wherever we are.

Rethinking Conflict

Coming conflicts will be won by those who can most effectively, efficiently, continuously and adaptively rebuild themselves and their ways of life through successful negotiation and engagement with the recombinatory logical evolution of information and energy from which biology, humanity, technology and civilisation have emerged.