Universal Reboot

Context: Could We Force the Universe to Crash?

If we were to take seriously the implications of much-maligned and misunderstood general principles of endemic incompleteness and uncertainty that occur both in and as distributed (“Global”) hyper-surfaces across logic, physics and mathematics, we might consider that such a cosmological “Entscheidungsproblem” is not so much fantasy as necessity. Beyond that a general property of ontology and recursive cosmological self-containment appears to invoke precisely the kinds of self-organisational biases we observe and that positively thrive upon the combinatorial multitudes of logical or information system high-dimensionality that we measure and (now) predict, there remain profound mysteries here.

I imagine that a sentence which halts thought is a necessity of post-Gödellian (as much as post-Turing) logic just as much as a Zen koan seeks a direct path to the same place. An interesting (science fiction) thought is that, as a component in the cosmological system of systems, perhaps there is a unique configuration of cognition or sentient awareness that triggers this global halting state. The false vacuum is a real danger; rebooting this Universal system could not be as simple as turning off and on again.

Would anyone ever try? Probably.

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