Information Technology is Implicitly Insecure

The discussion that no one appears willing to have is that from the very inception of these information technologies, doubt and uncertainty has been endemic and irreducible. Turing’s proof of the implicit undecidability of computation took its recursive cues from Gödel’s prime number shenanigans in the Incompleteness proof. These systems are first and foremost open by extensibility, ergo – foundationally insecure.

So, that fact of indefinite extensibility by (and through or as) which these systems evolve and undergo innovative metamorphosis is simultaneously the foundational discontinuity that makes all systems (in varying degrees) prone to eventual breach or failure. Having stepped over the event horizon towards this singularity, we can only ever run faster to keep up and every now and then our castle walls are rendered utterly transparent.

Can we forever patch and white hat hack our own logical systems faster than the bad guys? We have no choice and this is where, fingers crossed, machine learning rides in on a white horse of inference to automate vulnerability discovery and protection. Or this is at least one solution…

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