Reweaving the World

Science and technology cartwheel and careen past us in ways that few can convincingly argue are fully comprehended, defined or ever anything more than superficially controlled. This accelerating turbulence of complex sociotechnical recursion and self-validating necessity is a self-propagating compression wave of information, energy, technology and concepts. It ripples and oscillates like waves on a pond across (and as) the surface and transmission medium of a world and hollow human vessel almost entirely nonplussed and (perhaps necessarily) unaware of the big picture and all-consuming information-encoding matrix within and as which it is encompassed, embodied and through which it dissolves.

We must forever as individuals, communities and civilisations fall apart faster than we might ever effectively reconstitute ourselves and this is an insight that hardly provides compensation for the catastrophic shambles of human civilisation but which does, still, allow us to understand something of the material – if not logical – inevitability of this Global context we inhabit. As we strive to survive and live, we inadvertently bring death and decay back upon ourselves and this – it seems – is just the nature of life, as much as of death.

Can we ever reweave this world faster than it unravels? What is it in ourselves that drives an almost ubiquitous human bias towards self-destruction? These artefacts, systems and entities of destructive self-affliction as a microcosm are the everyday turbulence and corollary entropy of human decision-making, as (also) writ-large in a shared planetary history of joyful triumph and futile devastation. Most things that persist because they serve a purpose and in this instance our Global self-destruction, alienation and integrated an paranoiac psychosis of communication and difference represents the most effective and optimal means of its own self-propagation.

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