Existential Kindergarten

Almost exclusively, this human life and shared cultural experience represents some kind of an existential kindergarten. Our world is essentially a half-mirrored labyrinth of recursively self-validating communication and endlessly self-propagating patterns of information; encoded (in general) as the difference and notional distance through which we are each and all reflexively defined.

Our behaviour, thought and symbolic systems of self-representation have inadvertently (and as a consequence of naturally-occurring orientations in logic and physics towards adaptive complexity) invoked a world that optimally regenerates itself as a function of unsubstantiated caricature, simplicity and unthinking emotional volatility.

We have made a profoundly stupid (human) world for ourselves and precisely because it is in the median spaces of partially incompetent and vacuously superficial system self-propagation that this world seeks (and finds) a “sweet spot” of maximally-effective replication. It is all, of course, grounded upon an astonishingly fallacious fiction of truth and reality that never once enters into popular cultural consideration – the greatest fear that people ever have is to discover that this is all quite utterly meaningless, or at least – contingent, transient and hollow.

The world is a mess and will very likely continue to be so as this dissonant chaos embodies the most effective method of self-replication. The nature of an ocean of unsubstantiated caricatures and inaccurate mnemonics in which we now swim is such that – as all belief and rationality finds itself as a consequence of logical necessity forever enveloped in self-inflected copies, models, frameworks and simulations – we must perhaps now determine not which certainty we are going to anchor our realities and lives or belief-systems upon so much as which uncertainties and doubt we are prepared to accept and there to begin rebuilding ourselves.

We are all as mere children on this beach but some of us are building beautiful sandcastles in the sand. It all dissolves into time and entropy in the end and acknowledging the inevitability of this is the first step on any journey towards maturity.

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