The Recursive Enigmas of Battling Bias

Bias represents an interesting and potentially intractable problem. Regardless of how (or where) we seek to address or interdict it, there exists an intrinsic, endemic property of complex information and energy-processing (i.e. logical, material) systems that natively orients those entities towards abstraction, abbreviation and mnemonic compression. Bias is the persistence of logical errors that naturally occur in adaptive dynamical cognitive, cultural and (other) communications systems in ways that optimally orients those systems towards gestalt self-replication.

Where we quite justifiably, if not always effectively, seek to address these biases through education or constructive cultural criticism, we find ourselves serially encountering an unacknowledged enigma. The recursively self-propagating information systems and dynamical communication feedback loops that recreate and amplify biases are autonomously invoked, and largely beyond volition. Complex systems dynamics – of which psychological or cultural entities are instances, not axioms – blindly seek sustainable continuity and this dissonance, inequity and the enduring presence of cognitive fallacy is an inadvertently optimal transmission medium of recursive self-propagation.

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