Institutional Entrepreneurship

Institutional entrepreneurship is endlessly problematised, perhaps, by the normative assumption of unquestionable axioms. What I mean by this is to suggest that, while the Ship of Theseus that most institutional contexts represent in endless procedural renewal, recursive replication and variations on a theme of what has come before is the nature of (all) our cultural and organisational contexts, the morphological and heuristic assumptions as to the core nature, purpose and function of this shared vessel remain untouched. That is all fine and well if we are content that everything hangs together in optimal ways but in gestalt it rarely does.

There is a certain reflexive psychological teleology and behaviourally-admissible sub-set of all conceptual, logical grammars that represents the replacing and sanding down of the wooden planks on this vessel without substantive ontological reconfiguration. It is to proxy Copernican revolutions and entirely new worlds that we need to turn but even as our Global self-organisations open vast oceans of all possible combinatorial theorems and systems or technologies, we find ourselves bound in quite unwise ways to faltering assumptions and anachronistic axiomatic mores.

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