We are never going to find, define or unambiguously inhabit a “perfect” ideological, socioeconomic or political system. None of us – never. What we are able to do is to cultivate open, adaptive, complex networks and communities that most accurately approximate to modelling the natural world from which we emerged. Once we accept the implicit […]


Institutional Entrepreneurship

Institutional entrepreneurship is endlessly problematised, perhaps, by the normative assumption of unquestionable axioms. What I mean by this is to suggest that, while the Ship of Theseus that most institutional contexts represent in endless procedural renewal, recursive replication and variations on a theme of what has come before is the nature of (all) our cultural […]


Constructive Criticism

There is a certain measure of parochial denialism in regards to the appropriateness and effectiveness of our current global administrations, organisations and bureaucracies…