Conflict is the flip-side of a difference that is itself the necessary condition for the production and definition of information. Being that contested information spaces are now ubiquitous, it should also be clear that the competitive dissonance of endlessly self-replicating information hyper-inflation is an effective proxy for conflict.

What does this mean? Quite simply: that all orientations towards war are the ham-fisted and remedial paroxysms of an anachronistic worldview and ego identity that fails to understand a critically important fact about this civilisation we Global inhabit.

The distributed omnipresence of conflict and difference is the optimal transmission medium for the patterned information-processing system of the world. In this – what divides us, binds us and it is only the incompetent failure of those mediocre minds that percolate into positions of influence and power that seek to direct us back into large-scale conflicts because they fail to understand that this world has already discovered a better way of both producing and negotiating difference – through us and as us.

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