Viral Misinformation

Why are lies so attractive?

Context: The misinformation virus

Systems of belief are without exception only ever aspirationally grounded upon the objects of their attention. It is as a function of endemic logical (as much as material or cognitive, cultural and communications system) extensibility that these systems become anchored as effective tautologies upon themselves. In this way they can adaptively self-validate almost any assertion as truth, regardless of facts, because the premises and conjectures (if indeed such sophistication is even present) are always and already dissociative and detached from the facts they intend to convey or interpret.

The curious coefficient here is, from one perspective, not the endurance and diversity of disinformation – it is that the systems of distributed information-processing that constitute the artefacts and abstract entities of these false and fictional economies of belief are themselves self-selecting for optimal self-propagation both through and as us. Insights in the mathematics of physics and complexity have only quite recently begun to illustrate the extent to which the emergent complexity in and as harmonic resonance of these information-processing systems effectively (and blindly) refines itself as the transmission medium for self-replication.

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