Climate Disunity

The conspicuous absence of Global unity on climate change is horrifying and, notwithstanding that if human beings do anything particularly well in gestalt it is to perpetuate an endemic disagreement and adversarial dissonance that optimally and endlessly reproduces itself through and as us, you would think that the one thing we might at least all agree about is the significance of possessing a stable stage and existential context upon and in which to continue to strut and fret our aggregate Manichaean institutional and ideological ineptitudes.

We have all and in general only managed to characterise, represent and explain the magnitude of this problem through the limited, sanitising and constructively abbreviated conceptual vocabularies we currently possess as persistent artefacts of individual and shared memory. This is understandable (if not entirely forgivable) as it is how cognition, communication and culture function – they recycle what they know or possess and make new things from them. That’s the problem – the scale and complexity of this Global existential threat is so far beyond the shared symbolic languages we currently possess as to render it almost entirely unintelligible.

Institutional decision-making and bureaucratic governance are locked into axioms, assumptions and anachronisms that render them largely ineffective when engaging such vast, intricate and hyper-inflating complexity.

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