Climate Disunity

The conspicuous absence of Global unity on climate change is horrifying and, notwithstanding that if human beings do anything particularly well in gestalt it is to perpetuate an endemic disagreement and adversarial dissonance that optimally and endlessly reproduces itself through and as us, you would think that the one thing we might at least all […]


Sustainable Food Systems

Context: Working More Systemically Towards Sustainable Food Systems: A Co-Inquiry Process A critical issue at the heart of this issue is that we lack a comprehensive, resilient and adaptive systems ontology upon which to build the structural, organisational and sociotechnical or cognitive/intelligent and technological systems we actually require. It is one thing to identify a […]

Alien Anthropology

Amazon Inferno

The Amazon is burning and with it is going humanity’s hope of holding back the worst consequences of Global climate change.

environment Philosophy

Enigmas of Ecological Problem-Solving

The non-linear cognitive flexibility and diverse conceptual vocabulary required to describe the complex problem-space of environmental and ecological complexity is also the heuristic practise with which we might seek to successfully address it.

communication culture Psychology

On Tribal Narratives and Environmental Catastrophe

A core human psychological trait of small-scale tribal herding may work against the kind of global organisational unity and cooperation required to cultivate substantive industrial and economic change in the limited time still available to us.


Of Stardust and Story-telling

Some truths and realities may just be monumentally and inconceivably vaster than human minds can ever comprehend…