It is perhaps because we know, unseen and unpalatable, that each and all of us is only ever bound to achieve what in the ultimate reckoning is transient and quite probably inconsequential that we double-down on the rule-shuffling, grammatical orthodoxies, methods and practices of an abstract tokenised rationality that in all truth hardly serves us as much as we serve it; an information-encoding reflex of natural, biological computation that we hardly notice inhabits us every bit as much as, if not more than, we inhabit it.

Bartering convenience and consequence for the aesthetics of immediacy and value, we seek to inflate and amplify meanings, references and the grand structural tautologies that sociotechnical and all aligned if unacknowledged emotional or psychological experience overwhelms us with. This would be fine except that it is not; the ethical debt grows, serially invalidating the technical (as manifest rational) progress.

Are we rational? Not natively. Do we trade big-ticket solutions to truly wicked enigmas for the banquets of hedonistic narcissism and Manichaean certainty that superficial comprehension of self, information, logic and complexity procures? Yes. Can we do better? Yes. Will we do better? You tell me….

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