The Void

“Nothing is built on stone; All is built on sand, but we must build as if the sand were stone.” - Jorge Luis Borges

How true, and yet the solution to this enigma is not to entirely disassemble or invalidate the riddle but (quite counter-intuitively) to embrace it. While it is true that no rational or substantively provable statement of final closure or certainty might be made from within a reference frame about that frame, and subsequently the anchor of all systems of belief finds itself forfeit – as tautological circularity – and slipping away from us, under any sufficiently sophisticated analysis we are likely to find that this metaphysical mystery beyond us (and about which nothing can be said) is simultaneously identical to that mystery within us; as the indefinite extensibility of logic, within all aspirations to sentient self-validation in (or as) knowledge. The riddle which does not exist is the core of self-identity and anything otherwise rendered eventually arrives at pathological insecurity and conflict. The Buddhists knew this.

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