Encoding Culture, Encrypting Identity

Conjecture: We are encoding culture but we are encrypting identity. It is not well-understood - partially because those procedural mechanisms and autonomously self-propagating waveforms (or functions) of patterned information that manifest as, in and through ourselves must also protect themselves and their own aspirational continuity. If it were immediately apparent how mental worlds and cultural…

The Temptation of Anonymity

The temptation of anonymity (in an age of relentlessly depersonalising self-expression) is to not commit a record of one's own living trajectory into the biosphere and information networks of our era. It is of course a fallacy and rank impossibility - there is no identity camouflage or stealth technology. Self-identity was always a matter of…

Uniform Individuality

Aspirations to difference and self-individuation through fashion, personal taste or behaviour are really just an evolution of tribal identity and group membership. Belonging to a group that does not belong to a group by virtue of adaptively-defined expressions and experiences of individuality is still to belong to a group.

Quieting the Ego

Psychological closure or completion of an isolated ego remains a functional, technological and sociological impossibility.

Can anyone own the moon ?

If personal subjectivity is a reflection of an internalised concept of ownership and property, what happens if it turns out that neither individual identity nor notions of ownership are, beyond a very limited and historically or culturally contingent sense, actually real ?


If nobody is actually who they appear to be, then neither are we (and even to ourselves) any more than ghostly probabilities or insubstantial shadows, masked and knowable...

Event Horizon

You are that necessary discontinuity and unmeasurably irrational component in a complex system of logic and measurement. The system of culture and communication requires paradoxical pressure-release valves and that is what we all are. We are also choice-making decision-engines: batteries and resources of difference and creativity or innovation which breathe life and spontaneity into what would otherwise become an untenably fragile self-perpetuating global organisational system.