Fallible Beliefs and Ideological Myths

It is fascinating that human beings are in general so fixated upon provisioning plausible or compelling ontologies (of “how things are”) that they quite happily trade away their own conceptual creativity and intellectual aptitude for the lean pickings of effectively fictive narratives that rarely if ever meet anything like the lofty ambitions towards which they nominally strive. Noting here that the production of ideology is in the first case the manufacturing of a story for its own sake and only later comes to be applied as putatively omniscient wisdom by framework or playbook for social and economic continuity.

I was reading something from the 1950’s today about the Soviet myth of a decentralised, utopian Communist power and in the light of retrospective (historical) insight it is a simple matter to distinguish the extent to which the narrative was (and is) quite clearly deceptive. It is particularly interesting to note that all cultures, ideologies and minds engage in precisely this kind of wilful self-deception. The difference and distance between aspiration and reality is no measure of faith, truth or credibility. Systems of belief are always and already detached from reality and there, anchored only upon themselves as pure and unacknowledged tautology, they become quite free to cultivate and self-validate almost any fiction at all.

All systems of belief are fallible but some, it seems, are more fallible than others.

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