Rhetorical Vacuum

Rhetoric ain’t what it used to be.

The great “I believe…” has quite inadvertently come to imply that any inarticulate caricature and catastrophically irrational utterance might quite easily take the cognitive or public and theatrical (or often enough geopolitical) center of gravity and there draw the gullible like moths to its naked flame. Belief, thus and there abstracted from fact, reminds us of the profoundly uncertain anchor upon reality that it asserts, not once realising that it was (and could only ever have been) anchored upon itself. It is quite unsettling to at first discover that language and belief are somewhat less substantial than we commonly think and being that this thinnest of semantic projections constitutes the material from which we weave the volume and depth of our shared worlds, it is unsurprising that people are so willing to double-down on complete bullshit.

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