Meaningless Production

It is worth reflecting upon the unresolvable core of contemporary working life in the post-industrial “West”. This is a suggested contemplative practice that does not seek meaning or purpose so much as it asserte that there is none. Beyond the gravitational center of a system of work, production and consumption that is optimally (if inefficiently) geared towards its own self-propagation in, through and as every single one of us, the systems of belief that generate meaning are problematised by an intractable absence.

This void and vacuum is the enigmatic, if unacknowledged, kernel and tachycardic essence of a system of reference, communication and meaning-making that in every act of defining or fabricating meaning and purpose can only ever mask the discovery that there is none. Every attribution of meaning and purpose that is sought through work and commercial participation in this shared human condition is only ever a masquerade and fantasy of knowledge and control that seeks to obscure the utterly meaningless center of itself.

Castles made of sand…

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