Fire Fighting: Extinguishing Self

This world of inflated, tangled emptiness is the world we have together made and together we will watch as it actively disassembles itself. The mysterious and unknowable vacuum beyond knowledge is essentially the same logical entity as is the foundational void within it. Epistemological certainty and self-identity or self-knowledge are limited by the same essential…

Free Fire: Nonexistence of Self

You do not exist. Not, at least beyond that very limited aggregate of abstractions, words, images, ideas and narrative (or cultural) conventions within which you find yourself embedded and as a transient expression of. It is a little-known fact that from within any non-trivially sophisticated system of ordered symbols, logic and (inevitably, also) psychology and…

A Self-Extinguishing Flame

It is staggering (and blissfully unacknowledged) the extent to which this world of ours and all of its many anthropomorphic catastrophes are all quite simply occurring within and emanating from these brains between our ears.

Impossible Things

Given sufficient complexity, energy or information flow and time, the logical end-state of any particular process need not itself under analysis appear as though rationally derived or even substantively plausible.

Technology: Singularity and Necessity

If one day we should wake up and find that every single aspect of our lives have become so deeply steeped-in and dependent-upon digital technology that we are irrevocably cast into a secondary or supporting role, should we really be surprised ?

You are not Your Own

Are you reducible to a mere bank balance, a browser-history, or a litany of parking offences ? It is because you are so much more than this that you are also, uncategorisably, implicitly, in and of your self - an emptiness and essential vacuum or void.