How often we despair as though all our paths to freedom and happiness are limited to a singularly impossible, indeterminate and unknown road that we fear to even believe that we might ever find, much less take the first few hesitant steps upon. Even less do we ever acknowledge that there can never be only one path through the experience of life and that this – the diversity and shapeless ambiguity of choice that is the beating heart of sentience as intelligence and life itself – actually and inversely represents the singular path we thought we could or would never discover.

Our freedom to choose, to think, to write to imagine this uncertainty and indecipherable immensity of possibility that rises up before us as a perceived impermeable border and monolithic boundary upon and challenge to our lives is quite naturally and necessarily rendered and dissolved into nothing as a function of its own enduring and irreducible presence as infinite choice. It is sometimes difficult to recognise that the problem is also the solution as viewed from these many different perspectives that always exist but, again, this freedom of choice is itself a necessary and logical consequence of the conceptual creativity and intellectual substance that is our natural inheritance as thoughtful, sensitive and intrinsically valuable human beings.

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