Fear of missing out is much deeper and more challenging than the superficiality with which it is commonly portrayed. At some level we are all aware that we have very little effect on this world, that despite our starring role in the narrative theatre of our own life - we have almost no influence or…

Meaning and Value: Displacing the Center

We believe that meanings and values are stored in things, in objects, places, people but this is not true. Meanings and values are stored as and in the distributed properties of complex, adaptive and interdependent fields and relationships of reference. The value of an artwork is not in the artwork itself, it is a property…

Levelling-Up in the Civilisation Game

It is a little hard not to feel somewhat dispossessed and saddened by the arc of catastrophe that human history traces in time. There is some essential adversarial turn in psychology and nature that provides and requires the entropy from which new forms of thought and life are able to emerge. We come to depend…

Unattainable You

You can not be whole for the same reason you can not control the world - there is at base no controller, knower or self and this is the greatest unacknowledged enigma of our world.

There is no perfect social system

Just as there may never be any isolated closure and teleological endpoint to logic, physics and mathematics - there can also never be any such thing as the "one true way" or ideological and social perfection. There are only successive approximations and iterative algorithmic refinements towards a better world, without end.