Endless Crises of Political Failure

Interesting to note, perhaps, that many if not most (although not necessarily all) political, ideological and/or strategic designs have an inadvertent – arguably unconscious – bias towards generating precisely the kinds of errors that optimally reproduce and self-validate themselves. The ways in which this error-encoding occurs and the sophistication with which it is engaged is a measure of the sustainable continuity of a political system.

The optimal play is to improve the essential existential conditions of a nation and its citizens, to make it a successful and vibrant, diverse and thriving economy with which others would quite naturally want to engage and towards which its neighbours would constructively gravitate. The absolute worst strategy is to generate fear by coercing compliance.

A takeaway is that the form of political power being wielded in contemporary authoritarian systems is atavistic, anachronistic and quite substantively of another, long-superseded, era. The kinds of errors it invokes are those that, through the internal and external construction of fear, self-validate oppression and repression. The political capital and power that is acquired by leaders and their cohorts is a direct measure of the failure of their political systems to provide effective governance.

Authoritarian systems optimally self-propagate as a function of their own failures. It is an enigma and indicates a perpetual state of crisis and collapse.

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