Hypernormalisation: the truth that conceals that there is none?

Context: HyperNormalisation… “HyperNormalisation is a yearning for simplicity, certainty and knowing — a fake simple world — in a world of complexity and uncertainty — a complex real world.” – Richard Schutte There are resonances here with Jean Baudrillard’s conceptually-labyrinthine Simulacra and Simulation; a conversation regarding that dissimulation which never conceals the truth, but is rather – “the […]

Alien Anthropology

Greedy Vampyres of Self-Consumption

The bourgeoisie does indeed suck but they are not the only corpulent vampyres in this (all too) human game of parasitic symbiosis; every political system has them – they just tend to wear different masks. Underneath, they are all the same: bloated, selfish, cruel. Which bourgeoisie? The middle class, the capitalist class, the class of […]