Believe what you want but never think you are beyond fault or self-deception…

…in a world awash in noise as unintelligible complexity, many people are seeking for something, anything at all to believe in. The evidence that credibility is quite clearly less important than narrative continuity and simplicity highlights the extent to which belief has always been something of a leap of faith, untethered from facts and reality. Belief being anchored only upon its own assertions remains unreliable and for the most part ambiguously unverifiable. Science as a special kind of falsifiable belief system provides significantly more confidence of fidelity to facts but even then can not entirely escape the uncertainty that permeates all language, all communication and all experience. We must choose from the menu of options available or even invent our own new forms of belief but the most interesting, counter-intuitive thing of all about all this doubt and uncertainty is that the more confident we are in the infallibility of whichever belief system we inhabit, the more probable that it is utterly and irrevocably incorrect.

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