AI: Too much information…

I am quite interested in Artificial Intelligence but suffer from the broad availability an utter tsunami of related technical and general information. This preponderance of generally useful data leads to a very special case of having to invest time and energy differentiating signal from noise.

This aspect of learning and knowing in any information rich environment leads us all to develop our own strategies and heuristic methods. What begins as a struggle against the overwhelming quantity of information slowly evolves into the acquisition and development of personal mnemonics and psychological methods of data compression.

The consequences are that learning must of necessity become less about what you read and absorb, more about the ways in which you process, filter and understand that information. It is a special kind of irony in that knowledge and intelligence being also very much in essence a matter of the qualitative ways in which things are known, the swelling inflation of technical documentation regarding AI is for the most part a direct measure of a commercial and technological pardigm that has grown around what is known and the self-validating significance of an obsession with hyper-inflating speed and quantity

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