Bootstrapping Cosmological Analogies

The most interesting analogy of all in the cosmological domain is that of a self-generating Universe. That is, the gestalt bootstraps itself into existence. It is more a function of the teleology endemic to language (and its corollary constrained cognitive conceptual vocabularies) that finds us limited by something much less than the range of all logical possibility. Interesting, also, to consider that the topological shenanigans of a recursively self-generating cosmos resonate with almost everything we know about the nature of self-referential dynamics and emergence in complex systems.

Being that the core function we observe everywhere is the recursive self-replication and encoded information abstraction of optimally concise algorithmic solutions for generating this recursive self-replication and encoded information abstraction, we should not, perhaps, be so surprised to discover that this is globally-encrypted in and as the complex hyper-surface of the Cosmos. In this view, life, sentience and intelligence replicate the generative creativity of a process that mischievously invokes itself through them. It is really quite beautiful and, incidentally, has a big role to play in the orchestration of our social, organisational and integrated environmental systems.

Context: What If the Big Bang Was Actually a Big Bounce?

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