New World, New Self

All actions, all choices, all approximation to unambiguously individuated (as subjective) self-determination tends to fade away in such an exquisitely, eloquently, interdependently entangled Cosmos.

More subtly rendered: the kinds of self and other or system and environment that such a complex world as this invokes is distributed, integrated and functionally, existentially multidimensional. The reflexive boundaries and borders of identity, teleology and difference upon which information, knowledge and subjective identity so viscerally depend represent a kind of skipping across the surface of an unbounded logical depth without effective measure.

Subjectivity as identity and kernel of self-definition undergoes endless metamorphosis. It is quite clear that boundaries, inflexible beliefs and (other) borders have a constructive and generative role to play in the unfolding history of organisational and planetary systems but the dissonance they incur suggests that they are really and all only a transient waypoint and intransigent bottleneck on a much larger journey.

Dropping a pebble in this pond: only a new kind of subjectivity, a new kind of self will successfully engage the complex problems of our world and it is something which can never be forced.

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