Interesting Things

The most interesting conceptual artefacts, entities and systems are often like this – they maximally replicate the degrees of freedom by and through which we might leverage utility but do so in ways that hardly if ever lock down ontologies and definitions in unambiguous closure. This is the recursive self-propagation of a logical depth and unfathomable complexity that I suspect we are only even now just beginning without bounded clarity to intuit.

Just as there is not one kind as definition of intelligence (or quite plausibly, of life), there is not one kind of entropy or reductive endpoint of algorithmic complexity. This is the intractably mystifying, koan-like enigma of which interesting things are natural (as conceptual) descendants. What makes them so interesting is precisely that the questions invoke many more questions, that the solutions provided invoke many more potential solutions, and the effervescing complexity produces yet more complexity as the expected unexpected of experience as much as of science or technology.

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