A Cartography of Language

It is always interesting to see these maps of culture and language or identity, even if they are always and necessarily incomplete. Also and incidentally fascinating to observe that languages drift, undergo metamorphosis and radiating speciation as a function of the implicit and yet eminently generative ambiguities and indeterminacies of verbal and written communication as much as of environmental/contextual pressures.

Language interpreted as an autonomously self-propagating information system optimally self-replicates and energises the transmission medium of human minds, cultures and technologies as much as a function of its failures to clearly communicate as of its successes.

It is no long stretch of the imagination to suggest that civilisation similarly refines itself much less than (if not equal to) a process of collaborative achievements and more as a consequence of successive failures to communicate and understand. The horrifying march of conflict and geopolitical dissonance being a case in point.

It is unlikely that any successful or sustainably continuous information encoding and storage system could persist if it did not take on board the implicit drift through combinatorial entropy that is the natural inheritance of matter (as much as information or cognition and intelligence).

Interesting also to consider self-replication carries more gravity than truth.

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