The Spiral of F̶e̶a̶r Peace

The spiral of accelerating attention upon aggressive events and negative consequences has a tendency to reproduce itself much faster than positive, neutral or ideologically and geopolitically inconsequential acts and facts. Human brains are, for better and for worse, more precisely refined and tuned to react to (and obsess upon) the terrible possibilities and through it, quite unwittingly, to start generating them. We need not only focus on intransigent pathological acts of unwitting geolitical self-persecution from the Eurasian aggressor – I don’t think they are even fully aware of their own psychological motivations. I just wish that a little more positive news and constructively useful information artefacts would catch hold in the popular (and media) imagination. Yes, this European war is a complex catastrophe and represents a vast array of irredeemable crimes and unutterable horror but without a broad and concurrent interest in even the possibility of de-escalation, I fear we are all sleepwalking into the darkest of all possible nights.

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