An Open Mind

Being that the combinatorial complexity of 86 billion neurons exists in an utterly vast state space of possible connection and structure, yet given that a limited sub-set of all possible network edges or computational and thermochemical functions as dynamical symmetry occurs, an intuition is that the patchwork quilt of neurocognitive or otherwise causal biological facts must always remain incomplete. This is not to say that we can never explain our own minds with sufficient resolution to emulate or even transcend them through algorithmic methods, more that there is something very specific and uniquely intractable about the logical (as much as material) instance of the gestalt of any non-trivially sophisticated complex system that prohibits closure.

Indeed, as we abseil further and deeper down the rabbit hole of our own minds, we find that this problematic absence of explanatory and functional closure suggests the presence here of a mischievous absence. There is an irredeemable impossibility of ever obtaining an anchor of certainty beyond the explanatory system of reference as logic upon which to build the leaning tower of caveats that neuroscience inflates. Absence of certainty beyond is simultaneously the incompleteness within.

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