Language as Mirror Machine and Entropy

It perhaps requires no underlining but it remains sadly self-evident that human history and global technological civilisation (such as it is) maximally self-propagates as a function as much of its failures and dissonant misunderstandings as of its successes. The component microcosms of individuated selves that inhabit and interpret the shimmering whole in, through and as a transmission medium for language find themselves as prone to error and misrepresentation as, it seems, do nation states and the globally self-inflected property of constructive self-surveillance that technology facilitates.

I do wonder if our collective aspiration to closure and perfection in the models through which we seek to recreate ourselves is not itself and also just such an inadvertent failure. Seeking to cultivate our own image in the language through which we understand it, we fail to acknowledge that this self-reference is precisely a mirror as subject to catastrophic disassembly as any other narrative when asserting metaphysical certainty.

The invocation of, or concession to, error and generative discontinuity in language and logic hyper-inflates available degrees of freedom as an indefinitely-extensible dimensionality that life and mind harness.

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