The Absurdity of Ideology

All systems of belief dissimulate the fact that they are only ever anchored upon themselves. They do this because to possess or inhabit a system of belief is always and already to assert some enduring externality and metaphysical fact beyond itself from which that system inherits certainty and meaning. The fact that such an anchor of certainty and verifiable self-validation does not and can not ever exist beyond the system of language (and thought) that creates it means that this absence must be rendered inconspicuous, innocuous, insignificant.

In this way, ideologies are naturally biased towards sheltering from the implicit enigma they carry at (and as) their kernel core as though it were the empty set and generative discontinuity from which all truth emanates. Political ideologies assert a truth that they can never prove and in so doing find themselves forever reinventing their aspirational certainties in ways that mask the absence with confusion in language.

An ideology is like all other systems of belief except that the very first axiom and tenet it tends to invoke is the unprovable artefact of of its own truth. It is why our world currently spirals into catastrophic disassembly. Not because the fictions are ascendant, as they always were, but because the truth they assert in and as language is the only place it ever exists. Human minds just can not resist such a seductive symmetry and all the more so because the essential act and art of rendering it unknown or unknowable is also the self-gravitational center of language as much as of logic or our psychological selves.

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