The Deception of Duration

It occurs to me that the impression of stasis and insignificant (as non-living) dynamical properties in, of or as inorganic or inanimate objects and entities is really only a matter of the foundational deceptions that limited scope and range in time and space afflict upon us. If we were to perceive a mountain, a galaxy, a table or a brick in and as the whole dynamical causal (and noncausal) system of which it is merely a transient (as contingent) fact, we might see that it much more closely resembles a component microcosm of a living – perhaps intelligent – system than we might colloquially admit into consideration. The ensemble of all durations and distances by which we define certainties and through which we anchor our meanings and lives in this experience and world is itself an inaccessible as constitutively indeterminate fact. K owledge that we can not know in this way, and yet again, reveals itself as the kernel core and empty set as shifting sands and hollow clocks upon which knowledge and self are constructed.

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