Deceptive Replication

Communication is not primarily a function of truth or any kind of existential necessity – survival, organisational continuity and culture. It is a process that engages and contains these things but where we tend towards error is when we think we know what communication intends. The intentions are purely of our own individual, collective, collaborative and entrained expectations and projections upon and as the languages, behavioural grammars and conceptual vocabularies we inhabit. Communication exists, much as does life, simply to continue to exist. If the most effective and efficient ways of assuring sustainable continuity in any (or every) context is by the reproduction of self (or artefact, entity, system) without any necessary anxhor upon fact or truth, then these are the kinds of communication most biased by statistical necessity to persist. It is for this reason, but not this reason alone, that fakes fly further and faster than facts – they quite simply produce more communication and language or symbolic depth around themselves, quite agnostic of fidelity to truth.

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