Thin Masks of Self-Deception

A different perspective: we are not the actors here – the performers, the customers, the managers or the investors and participants in a system of business and profit extraction or desire and thinly-masked self-gratification. We are the transmission medium for patterns of socioeconomy, communication and identity – the shimmering, rippling, effervescent and sparkling complexity which […]


The Complex Spaces of Psychological (and Cultural) Self-Deception

It is often simpler to love the unknown and the unknowable; a perfect enigma and unsolved mystery represents the endless seduction of a treasure that hovers playfully, eternally just out of reach and in pursuit of which we might build a whole personality, culture and civilisation.  How often do we choose a distant fantasy over […]


Voting Against Your Own Best Interests

A wily political tactician may influence or deceive through emotional hypnotic suggestion to an unwitting neuropsychological susceptibility…