Ukraine: Standing Against Rabid Vampires of Imperialist Oppression

Putin’s ideological psychosis seeks to bring a new totalitarian darkness upon the world. Many people in countries distant from Europe do not realise that Ukraine is holding back the hordes of hell for all of us. Ukraine can not, must not, will not fail here because this is much more than a regional war, it is the conflict that defines the next 100 years of global geopolitics. Totalitarian imperialists, Machiavellian opportunists and mobster kleptocrats far beyond those in Russia are watching very closely to see what happens.

When the history of this war is written we will read that not only did Ukraine overcome great hardships to triumph over a grotesquely corrupt political ideology, they also seeded an unquenchable flame and idea of democracy and freedom into the minds and lives of the many long-suffering peoples and diverse ethnic communities of Russia. Far beyond Ukraine’s own sovereign borders and into the many other criminally-oppressed places on our planet, Zelensky’s nation is planting an ineradicable idea of justice and inalienable self-determination.

We should stand with them because in their admirable resilience and indefatigable defiance against Putin’s tyrrany they are selflessly shepherding the sustainable continuity of planetary civilisation. Ukraine did not ask to bear this terrible burden against the rabid vampires of imperialist oppression but we should all support them by acknowledging that this is a war for the soul, for the freedom and for the future of humanity.

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