Your Systems of Belief are Fictions

It is of course possible to make similar observations about (many) other contemporary and earlier systems of belief. Nietzsche wasn’t restrained in such a critical context.

I’m not so interested in what these systems represent, as such median hyperbole percolates to ascendance everywhere and in almost every instance dissimulates the possession of a truth that it can rarely and barely even clearly define.

I am more interested in their persistent existence and cyclic re-emergence wearing different dialects of language and symbolic representation, being essentially the same snake oil salesmen wearing different suits.

The middle ground is taken by the simplest of condescending narratives, not because they are all that useful but because their narrative fictions and superficial assertions recombine in more ways with what people already believe, with the linguistic artefacts, idioms and entities that already populate their brains.

There’s always a lesson to be learned, though, and when suffering endless rhetorical emptiness or paragraph after paragraph of meaningless noise I find that the real message conveyed is not that intended so much as it is of the nature of communications systems and the cognitive systems that inhabit them.

Your systems of belief are fictions but then so are mine.

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