Philosophical Fallibilism, Incomplete Knowledge and a Science of the Unknown

Such a principle (of Fallibilism) should indeed be taken as implicit to science and (indeed) all ordered systems of knowledge or organisational practice. The indefinitely extensible essence (and raison d'etre) of all material, biological, cognitive, cultural and technological systems is irreducible; it is simultaneously strength and vulnerability in (and as) everything we build, cultivate and…

The Constancy and Enduring Paranoia of Digital Security Updates

Cyber security is now just a part of everyday life. Update, update, update... all this requires is a sufficiently entertaining marketing campaign to elaborate and celebrate the fulfilment of a life spent in the gamified Panopticon of endless technical paranoia and system updates; sitcoms and lifestyle gurus explaining the invaluable personal experience of incessant technical…

The Implicit Value and Logical Depth of Cognitive Diversity

Cognitive diversity represents that useful, recombinatory information entropy from which insight and innovation assert and reproduce or replicate themselves. A subtle, adaptive balance between self-propagating continuity and incessant metamorphosis is the source of as many evolutionary wonders as it is of the abstract information origami of psychological, cultural and technological enigmas with which we are…

The Creativity of Cultural Erasure

Every act of creativity and recombinatory cultural reconfiguration is both additive and subtractive - it is an addition of complexity and structure and is simultaneously the systemic logical negation of existing methods and strategies of organisation and thought.

Human Intelligence 2.0

A characteristically long and wordy waffle on the topic of human intelligence, the cognitive hyper-extension of technology, an iterative fracture of grand narrative into abbreviated artefacts, unconscious biases and a Global turn towards authoritarianism.

On Ethics

The implicit inconsistency of sufficiently complex logical systems implies that ethical systems, abandoned by the metaphysical anchor of immanent divinity, must seek their own internal anchors and logical certainty.

A Liquid Logic and System of History

My problem is, and pretty much always has been, just how to introduce, articulate and successfully communicate new concepts of representation and comprehension when the paradigm and assumptive frameworks of conventional wisdom fight tooth and nail against novelty or deep (i.e. axiomatic) conceptual, methodological and theoretical innovation ?

Cultural Algorithm

The dynamic activity of the methods, frameworks and algorithms of cultural encryption indicate that the nodes in any sufficiently sophisticated communications or information transmission system are secondary considerations to the primary functioning of a recursive self-replication of those same methods, frameworks and algorithms.


Systemic bureaucratic failures breed inertia and internal complexity within organisations...