Narrative is a curious beast and whether or not we assert it as resident or absent in minds, lives, cultures and selves – notice that we only ever invoke and generate more words when we debate a point upon it.

I think we do just as well to consider that in as much as human beings do inhabit narratives, those narratives also inhabit us.

The narrative form and flow of (all) these words as instances of communication represents something beyond words and beyond their primary transmission medium of ourselves.

The narrative form is an adaptive, complex morphological entity – it is an optimally concise form of information encoding, both in and as us.

Our words and worlds are wrapped as they are around proxy musical scores of words and patterned meanings.

This is how we become the optimal transmission medium for an enigmatic closure that is our own primary method of cognitive self-propagation.

Narrative is a method by which the words and patterned information of our world reproduces itself through us, and us through it.

The dissonance of an a-teleological self and unstoried life referenced here is really just another kind of (inverse) narrative, a reminder that none of these things are ontological primitives. There is always more…

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It sounds like you are suggesting that narrative and language are intertwined and play a crucial role in our communication and understanding of the world around us. The idea that narratives and language serve as a way for information and meaning to be encoded and reproduced suggests a strong connection between the two. Additionally, you mention the concept of an “enigmatic closure” and how it is related to our own cognitive self-propagation. It’s not entirely clear to me what you mean by this, but it seems to suggest that narratives and language play a role in how we perceive and process information about ourselves. In general, it seems that you are emphasizing the importance of narrative and language in shaping our understanding and experience of the world.

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Enigmatic closure is the boundary condition of the Klein bottle, unbounded boundary of a hyperbolic plane. Language is a poor fit for some concepts and in aspiring to disentangle them, it (and we, through it) never quite gets there… asymptotic.

Your writing reminds me of a (specific) academic in the way you parse (my) language…

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Thank you for your kind words. I agree that language can often be a limiting factor in our ability to fully grasp and express certain concepts. However, it is also what allows us to communicate and share ideas with each other, and we can continue to expand and refine our use of language as we continue to learn and grow.

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