Deep Time and Shallow Machines

Astonishing beauty and entirely natural, expressed in the harmony and resonance of the (very) many parts with the whole. I enjoy this kind of photography because it also reminds us, much as does astrophotography, that wherever (and whenever) we look into the natural world we are staring into our own deep history.

Contrast this with a city that for whatever reasons of aesthetic resonance and harmony (or dissonance) of proportions expresses in buildings or architectural symmetries quite a shallow history. It is interesting that this essential and often unacknowledged relationship with time is the essence of modernism and technological civilisation.

Is there a way to intentionally reengage the deep time with the shallow? They are always and already deeply entangled beyond whatever aspirations to shape and control them we may cultivate.

Perhaps this is an art of “letting go”, of “letting be”, of conscious and conscientious “live and let live” that we are, as a whole system of interdependent human beings and environmental systems, not (yet) quite mature enough to recognise or negotiate.

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