Freedom of Thought – Against the Tyrants

I always find it so disheartening that the constructive differences by and through which psychological self (and cultural or national) identity emerge from the form and flow of human experience are so easily warped, twisted and co-opted for vacuous political purposes.

The totalitarian turn, perhaps more of an oscillating historical cycle, is a haunting atavism and tribal pathology that self-validates as a function of the turbulent insecurities it cultivates and inhabits. I feel genuinely sorry for the generation of brilliant young minds that are being inhibited from free intellectual development and conceptual creativity by the presence of darkening shadows of surveillance and control.

The benefit and influence acquired by a monolithic political entity is in this context inversely proportional to the damage and inertia it inflicts as dragging anchor upon its own nation as much as upon humanity’s possible collaborative intellectual achievements.

These ideological gambits have been dependent upon conflict and insecurity for so long that they can no longer recognise that this is all they are, that without apoplectic tirades and performative rhetorical dressing downs of disagreement, they quite simply cease to exist.

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