Half sunk a shattered visage lies…

The greatest irony of every instance of civilisation collapse has probably never been that it comes without warning or time to avert impending catastrophe, as even then when disaster looms it is never entirely unexpected or unforeseen by those bearing sufficient intellect to observe its impending arrival. It is much more likely that we will […]

Alien Anthropology

Populism, Authoritarianism and Cults of Personality

Context: The CCP’s Official Journal Falls in Line with Xi Jinping’s Cult of Personality As a more general philosophical observation agnostic of specific contexts (including -isms or persons), human beings are subject to reflexive psychological imprinting of a sort that leads us to cultivate these fantasies and fictions of triumphant great leaders as an inadvertent […]

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Constitutional Inconsistency

If you know who Kurt Gödel was and understand what a Constitution represents in regards to the logical axioms (i.e. assumptions) made in the formulation of a rules-set (i.e. legal system) and their theorems (i.e. formal legal consequences) underpinning governance and political power, you already know where this is heading…