Brain Function as Communications System

Context: Neuroscientists listened in on people’s brains for a week. They found order and chaos.

Brain as decentralised communications network that exists with optimal efficiency on a globally-distributed fractal boundary between order and disorder?

“Specific brain networks seemed to communicate with each other in what looked like a “dance,” with one region appearing to “listen” while the other “spoke,” say the researchers, who presented their findings at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in San Diego last year.”

Something here resonates with concepts of entropy and complexity that operate with ubiquity beyond as much as within the electrochemical activity of our brains.

“There’s probably no central node that tells the rest of the brain what to do,” he says. “It’s a bit like shaking a snow globe—you introduce some random variation and trust that if it goes through a bunch of configurations, the optimal one will pop out somehow.”

What is the role of disorder in sustaining order and in what ways does the emergent complexity of sentience, intelligence and human experience depend upon the dissipative tendencies which inevitably (yet generatively) threaten its sustainable continuity?

Should we be so surprised to discover that sustaining principles and binding properties of intelligence and cognition are not unique to our brains but only take specific configurations in relation to the endemic constraints (and freedoms) of the transcranial medium we inhabit?

I think we already see such dynamical resonance in the complex systems of language and (other) technologies of communication.

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