The Community of Me

Context: Mobile Genes From the Mother Shape the Baby’s Microbiome

It’s interesting – we can rarely predict precisely what complex systemic relationships will occur, we can only be certain that they will occur. Our own continuity as individual (human) organisms is a function of the extent to which this emergence is a reliable fact. That is, the rich tapestry of complex interdependence as the information and energy flows of biological, neurological and chemical communication that emerges within us, and as us, is the primary sustaining feature of a human body.

Curiously, this is also the binding property of much larger and (even) more diverse ecological systems. The individual, the entity, the artefact, the encoded informational or communication system are, and only remain what they are, in resonant interdependence with their contexts. We are our environments, just as our internal bacteriological communities are us. It’s not always obvious, but it is irreducible.

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