The Microbial Archipelago of You

When viewed as the sum total combinatorial complexity of so very many information and energy-processing artefacts, entities and systems, it becomes apparent that the unity and individuated singularity of Self that we carry around in our brains as culturally reflexive semiotic cocoons of personal identity might be something quite significantly other than what we tend […]


The Community of Me

Context: Mobile Genes From the Mother Shape the Baby’s Microbiome It’s interesting – we can rarely predict precisely what complex systemic relationships will occur, we can only be certain that they will occur. Our own continuity as individual (human) organisms is a function of the extent to which this emergence is a reliable fact. That […]


Metaverse Fashion

Context: What to wear in the Metaverse? Why should we even need bodies? The momentum (and compulsion) towards abstraction is and has always been towards the progressive refinement and umbilical detachment of a fully virtualised bundle-of-experiences as self. In as much as this self is still grounded in material information processes and thermodynamic-as-energy costs, what […]