Environmental Communication

The breadth and depth of the systemic (i.e. Global) changes we need to seed to sustain biodiversity and ecological resilience are far beyond the aptitude of contemporary political and economic practices. How to transform the many heroic yet isolated efforts of conservationists into the broad and consequential systemic changes we need without frightening the political sensibilities and insecure partisan self-identities that perennially interpret such aspirations as an existential threat? Global environmental problems exist at such a vast and consequential scale that they tend to invalidate and all but entirely nullify the regulatory potpourri and coordinating (as communications) systems with which we seek to address them. Suffocating as we are in technological complexity and the thermodynamic and sociopolitical entropy of our own perennially inadequate organisational practices, how do we even raise this as an issue that is constructively received when it is endlessly rendered as unintelligible to the languages and dialects of communication and governance that are in ascendance?

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